Supernatural Oneshots
Little Big Winchester

Request: Could you do one where the reader is really good in school but still kinda cool but everybody around her is childish and hates her and she’s strong but at some point just breaks because she can’t take it any longer and Sam cheers her up? Fluff please

Request: Can you do a oneshot where you’re Dean’s & Sam’s little sister and you get made fun of a lot at school because you’re a “giant” compared to everybody else and you start to take everything out on Dean, Sam and Cas. Please and thank you!

Warning: Bullying

Your woke up to your alarm blaring ‘Heat of the Moment’ by Asia. You quickly sat up and noticed it was 6:30, and you wanted to die. You practically fell out of bed, then somehow managed to get dressed while still half asleep. 

You moved to the kitchen, where Sam was already awake for some reason. He smiled widely at you and you gave him a halfhearted wave. You moved to the cabinet and got the cereal off the top shelf without needing to even go on your tippy toes. You quickly got your breakfast together and ate it in a slow, zombie-like fashion.

"So, is anything fun gonna happen in school?" Sam asked.

"Does anything fun ever happen in school?" You spat.

Sam seemed taken aback by your tone, and shrugged. “Sorry.” He muttered. You felt bad for being so mean to him, but you also didn’t want to even think about going to that Hell Hole. Once you were done eating and ready for torture, Sam drove you to school. 

He dropped you off and you waved to him before turning and walking into the building. A few kids hung out in the hallways, and you looked at the ground as you passed them. But of course that didn’t stop anything; you could still hear them whispering about you. But you ignored it, as always.

You didn’t have that many friends in the school; being a hunter made that pretty impossible. And it didn’t help that you were a giant amongst everybody. You even towered over a few of the teachers.

As you neared your locker you saw a piece of paper taped to it. When you were close enough you reluctantly read the message. ‘Jack Called. He’s up the Beanstalk.’ You rolled your eyes and tore the sign down and crumpled it into a ball, then tossed it over your shoulder.

You pulled your books out for the day, then headed to your first class. You plopped in your seat in the back row, and pulled out your notebook. You started doodling pictures of your favorite monsters, stopping occasionally to cover it when people walked by.

"Jesus, you’re almost as tall as me, and you’re sitting!" Marsha, one of the most annoying people you’d ever met, exclaimed as she stood next to you. You grunted in acknowledgment, and didn’t look up. "I’d recommend you sit up straight, but then you’d only be taller, so maybe you should keep your bad posture."

"I’d recommend you lose the bitchy attitude, but I’m assuming it’s the only one you know, so I guess you’ll have to keep it." You retorted, unable to hold your tongue. A few other kids in the room ‘oohed’ and there were some snickers, but you didn’t get a big head. You continued looking at your notebook as Marsha stood there, desperately trying to think of a comeback. But she was saved by the teacher starting class. 

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. A few other kids tried to get under your skin and start fights, but they only managed to mildly annoy you. Of course, by the end of the day it adds up.

Dean was waiting in the parking lot to pick you up, and as you crossed the parking lot Layla, yet another annoying jerkwad, ‘accidentally’ walkked into you, making all your books fall from your hands. You looked up at Dean, and noticed that he didn’t see. You weren’t sure if you should be happy or upset about that. You quickly picked everything up, ignoring the snickers behind you, and hurried to the Impala. 

"Hey, kiddo! How was school?" Dean greeted you, smiling widely.

"Can we go?" You snapped. Dean’s eyes widened at your tone, but he started the car and drove to the bunker without another word.

Once you were home, you jumped out of the car and hurried inside. Cas was sitting in the living room and smiled at you. “Hello! How was-“

"If one more person asks me that I’m gonna stab them in the neck!" You shouted, then stormed off to your room, slamming the door behind you.

You blared your music, and pulled out your homework. For some reason, doing homework always relaxed you. Sam was probably rubbing off on you.

Once you were sure you weren’t gonna punch anybody, you left your room and headed to the kitchen, looking for a snack. Nobody was there, and you silently thanked God. 

You grabbed a bag of chips and got a drink, then hurried back to your room. But you ran into Dean on your way there. He saw you and averted his eyes. He probably assumed you were PMSing.

"Hey, I’m sorry." You said, and he looked up at you.

"You okay?" He asked.

You sighed and nodded slightly. “Yeah. School was just a bitch today.”

"I get you." He said, then patted your back as he walked by. 

You walked back to your room and got back to work, eating some food. Once you were done you put your school books away, and pulled out a notebook to do some more doodling. You opened to a random page, and almost threw up. 

Over your drawing of a wendigo was a giant X. You flipped to the next page frantically, and saw a similar X over your picture of a rugaroo. You continued to run through all your pictures and realized with horror that X’s were over all your pictures.

On the last page, written in bright pink, swirly letters, was Marsha’s signature. “That bitch!” You shouted, then threw the book completely across the room. 

You stormed around, biting your nails and trying not to cry. You desperately needed some air, and stormed out of your room, slamming the door behind you. 

You headed straight for the bunker door, not caring to put on shoes, and moved by Sam, Dean, and Cas.

"Where are you going?" Cas asked innocently.

"Out." You stated, keeping your voice hard.

"Y/N, you can’t just-" Dean started.

"I’m just going outside! Jesus fucking Christ! Try and smother me a little more, why don’t you!" You shouted, then ran out of the house before you could cry.

The refreshing air hit your face, and you moved a few yards from the house before finally letting the tears fall. You wiped them away impatiently, but more just replaced them.

"Y/N!" You heard Sam yell behind you. You didn’t look back and just kept walking forward. Sam easily caught up to you, since he was even taller than you and could easily match your strides. "What’s wrong?" He asked gently, noticing your state.

"I hate everybody!" You shouted, then stopped to look at him. Your face and eyes were both red from crying. "School is Hell, the people are dicks and bitches, and I’d rather get tortured by Crowley than go back!"

Sam stared at you with sympathy, then pulled you into a tight hug. In the comfort of your brother’s arms, you just let everything go. You cried and cried, making Sam’s shirt wet. He rubbed your back and made soothing noises, trying to calm you.

"What happened?" He pressed.

"Everybody makes fun of me." You started, face still pressed to his chest. "I’m huge and introverted, so they see me as an easy target." You took a deep breath to calm yourself before continuing. "And I can deal with that. But I opened my notebook to draw, and…." You trailed off, anger and sorrow bubbling inside you as you remembered what that bitch had done. "And she ruined them.” You finished.

Sam held you tightly against him and ran his hands through your hair. “You’re better than them.” He stated. “And I hate to say it, but they won’t stop bothering you. Either beat the bitch up, or deal with it.” You pulled away from him, shocked by his harsh advice. “I know how it sounds, but you’re not the only one that had to deal with this kind of stuff.” He said, and you remembered ow he was basically in the exact same boat as you not too long ago. “You just need to finish high school, then you never have to see them again. And remember, you’ve saved the world and you can’t even drink yet. Whoever’s bullying you will never do anything as important in their whole lives.”

You smiled slightly and wiped the tears from your eyes. “Thanks.” You said.

"So what are you gonna do?" Sam asked, resting his hands on your shoulders and looking at you.

"Ignore them. I’ll go back and act like nothing happened." You decided. "That’ll annoy the Hell out of her."

Sam smiled widely and pulled you to his side, then pulled you towards the bunker. “You gotta apologize to Dean and Cas.” Sam told you as you neared the door.

"I know. I’m already planning my speech. Just, do me a favor, don’t tell them I’m being bullied. Dean’ll go all mother hen and Cas’ll probably check up on me a million times in school." You replied.

"I thought we’d tell them you’re PMSing." Sam supplied.

"I like the way you think." You commented, then Sam opened the door.

(I hope you liked it!)